Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!!!

With 4 kids, there is almost always some one who doesn’t sleep!  That means mom and dad Stinkbutt live on coffee!!!!  We have been long time Keuring lovers, but we go through a TON of those cute little Kcups.  We tried using regular grounds in the little My Kcup situation, but it was kind of a pain.  A few weeks ago at the gym I noticed this infomercial for a coffee maker from Ninja.  I didn’t pay much attention to it because I am pretty much a Keuring/Kcup addict at this point. Last week I woke up to Dad Stinkbutt wanting to show me something on the iPad that he saw on an infomercial in the middle of the night, the Ninja Coffee Bar!  Fast forward the days, and here it’s in my kitchen!

The bean grinder next to is was a separate purchase, I can chat about later.  

It has taken a few days to tweet the amount of grounds per pot, and the grind (we are used to popping is a plastic cup and the coffee coming out the same way every time), but I think I like it!  This pot uses regular grounds (we grind out own), and can brew any where from a full carafe to one cup using a reusable filter and regular beans!  No plastic cups.  It also has options to change the brew strength, and options to brew over ice and for specialty coffees.  We have only tried the regular brews so far, and I think I like it.  I may be drinking a lot more coffee!!!!  My Keuring still had t gone any where!  I still love the darn thing, but I also like have a full pot of coffee waiting in the Ninja every morning too!!!  🙂

October Glam Bag!

I received my October Glam Bag from Ipsy. If you aren’t familiar with Ipsy, it’s a subscription service.  You pay $10 a month, and fill out a beauty profile.  Then each month you receive 5 products based on the profile to try out.  I forgot to review my first bag, but it had some products I didn’t really see myself using.  This month, I was really excited about everything that was coming!!!!  Here is my bag!!  

The first thing I tried was the Dr. Brandt Skincare, microdermabrasion.  This is microdermabrasion that you can do right in your shower.  The directions say to use it 1-2 times a week.  I really like it!  I left my face feeling really smooth and soft!

I do not wear make up on a daily basis!  My Stinkbutts tend to keep me too busy for that!  So I have tried some BB Creams before to give some light coverage, and most of them were just too greasy.  This month I received pur~lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream SPF30.  I was really surprised that is felt more like a daily moisturizer when I put it on, and not like a heavy foundation,  it wasn’t great at all.  I helped even out my skin tone, and give a little coverage.  I really liked it!!

I don’t often keep my nails painted either. I feel like polish doesn’t stay on very long. I had been looking for a dark fall color, and was super excited about DOSE® Color Pill Nail Polish in Stormy.  This polish is really shiny, and covered with just two thin coats.  It stayed on my nails longer than other polish I have tried!

I also received Delectable coconut & cream ultra nourishing hand cream.  This cream is really thick, and leaves my hands feeling so soft!!!  My cuticles were a tad torn up when I got my Glam Bag last week.  As soon as the weather gets cold, my skin goes crazy!  I have been using the Delectable cream for a week, and skin is so soft.  My cuticles are looking so much better!!!  This cream also smells amazing!!!!

The last item is theBalm Cosmetics Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick.  I have not had an occasion to try this yet, but I do love the color they sent me!!!  I usually like the liquid lipsticks and glosses, so I am really excited to give this one a try!!

I can’t wait to see what is coming in my November Glam Bag!!!!  It’s so much fun getting beauty products I normally wouldn’t pick up myself in the mail to try!!!!

Hair Color!!!

In high school, I tried all different kinds of at home hair color.  I swept the floors in a salon my senior year, and started getting blond highlights.  I quit coloring my hair sometime before my wedding.  So I hadn’t colored my hair in close to 10 years.  This summer Dad Stinkbutts started mentioning the grays that started creeping up!  So about 4 weeks ago I found myself impulsively purchasing a box of color from the grocery store.   I didn’t hate the color, but I didn’t love it either. 

Then I came across a website, Esalon.  This company has you fill out a survey all about your hair, eye color, complexion.  You can even upload some pictures of your hair. You choose a color, and a stylist mixes a color specifically for you.  It seems like this is pretty simple all over color, so if you want foils and all that good stuff, head to a salon!  You can choose to have them automatically send you color on a schedule, so it shows up at your door when it’s time to cover roots.  I received my first box of color yesterday.

The process was a little different than grocery store color, and took a little getting used to (sorry didn’t take pictures during coloring!).   Here are the results!

First, I make reduculous faces when taking pictures of myself!  And I think I need to clean my bathroom!  Okay, now on to the color!  I really like it!!!  My hair feels so soft, and shiny!  The color itself is pretty close to what I picked out on the computer screen.  Best part is, I don’t have to remember a brand and shadow color.  When I need to color my roots again, I can easily order the same color, or work with the stylists to tweet it.  

Camping, Stinkbutts Style!!

This past weekend we took all the Stinkbutts camping.  There is an Autumn Leaf festival near a college a few of Mr. Stinkbutts aunts went to.  Thirty some years ago his grandma started going up that weekend and camping with the whole family.  This is a tradition that is still happening, even though his grandma is gone.  It has expanded to include friends of the family.  This trip happens rain, shine, or snow, and this time of year you can get any of those!!!!  We have had several years of excellent weather, we were to for some mud!!!!  It rained, but as always it was so fun!!!!  Even having 4 kids under the age of 7 in a tent!!!!!!  Can’t wait until next year!!!!  Here’s some pictures!!!! 


Long time no post!!!!

I haven’t posted in awhile!  The Stinkbutts have a lot going on!!!!

First, I have joined the gym.  I don’t hate it!  I know not everyone loves Planet Fitness, but this is the perfect place for me right now!  The first day I went, I could only do around 20 minutes on the ARC trainer, at a level 1.  Now, I do 25 minutes on the ARC trainer on level 5 (out of 10), then I do the 30 minute Express Circuit, and then I get on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  I never thought I would or could spend so much time at the gym!  I am now down 25 pounds!  The a absolute best part is I can now run, literally run, around with my kiddos and not get winded!!!!

Speaking of weight loss, I received my first fix from Sticth Fix! To my surprise, EVERY piece fit!!!!!  I need to find the little style cards that came with it, and make a seperate post about it!  I have a second fix headed my way in December, and I can’t wait!!!!

I got my first Ipsy Glam Bag!  I NEVER wear lipstick, but love the one that I received!  I will make a post specifically about the products I received.  I have a second Glam Bag on the way!  I have already seen the sneak peek, and am even more excited for my second one!!!

I have also started my own Etsy shop (BeckysBurlapWreaths).  I haven’t had an order yet, but I am really excited to try something new!  Making the wreaths is so fun!!  I am going to also try my hand at some little girl hair bows, and see how that goes.

Along with all the fun stuff, Little Pig has started preschool, and LOVES it!  Chicken Wing is really doing well in school and enjoying Boy Scouts (we will be selling popcorn this weekend).  His birthday is coming up, and I hope to post about his birthday party.  I have never thrown a kid party before, so it could get interesting!  We also recently found out the Chicken Wing will need to have his tonsils out.  So he will be spending his Thanksgiving break recovering from that.  Oh, and we found out, Mr. Stinkbutts had been hired in our hometown across the state, so in 8 short months, the Stinckbutts will be MOVING!!!!!  Stay tuned!  We have LOTS going on, and lots to share!!!! 


Weight loss…UGH!

As a kid I never really had to work to stay on the trimmer side.  I was active with the marching band and other activities so I never really even thought about what I ate.  Then I started college, there was a certain burger that I LOVED and it was only $1.  I would some times visit the drive through twice in one day.  College, getting married, and four kids have all taken their toll on my waist.  At 5 feet, I was weighing in at 218 pounds!  I have put off trying to lose weight for a long time, thinking I was too out of shape to even try.  How would I look at the gym?  What would people think if they saw me trying to exercise.  Well, I am finally over it, and I have to start some where!  In the beginning of June, I started walking.   It was only 10 minutes, and maybe a half mile.  A month and a half later, and I am up to 2 miles most days.  I am using My Fitness Pal to watch what I eat.  Yesterday, I even started an actual work out with little dumbbells.  I only made it through 15 minutes of the 30 minute work out, but again I have to start some where.  Man am I sore today!  I am trying to focus on small goals, my first was to get below 210, and then 199.  This morning, I was 205,  I haven’t been below 200 pounds since before I got pregnant with Chicken Wing.  I still have a long way to go, but now I am wondering why I waited so long?  Why I let myself be so scared of taking the steps to get me healthy.  I still haven’t worked up the nerve to head to the gym, even though Mr. Stinkbutt has been trying really hard to get me there.

I wrote this post about a month ago, and was really nervous to share it.  I still haven’t dropped below 200, but I am close.  I am stuck at between 201.8-202.  I have been stuck there a few weeks, and now I have been nursing a hurt ankle.  I am feeling a little defeated at the moment.  I am about to bite the bullet and sign up for the gym.  I need to be able to exercise and not put so much strain on my ankle.  I have the application for out local Planet Fitness all filled out on my computer.  I am super nervous, but I don’t want my sore ankle to hold me back.  Check back, and I will let you all know how it goes!