Tonsils, Holidays, and 4 kids, oh my!

I thought I would stop in and post an update.  We have had a busy month!

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, Chicken Wing got his tonsils and half his adenoids removed.  I was a nervous wreck!  It ended up being the super easy!  I expected him to be sleepy the whole day after the surgery, and he wasn’t.  He only used Tylenol for about 2 days after, and then said it didn’t hurt anymore.  I ended up getting permission from his doctor to send him back to school a bit earlier because he was feeling so good.

We hadn’t planned on going anywhere for Thanksgiving because Mr. Stinkbutt was working, and Chicken Wing was recovering.  Since Chicken Wing was feeling so good, we took a quick trip to Delaware to visit my sister-in-law, so glad we did!  Totally made it feel like Thanksgiving!  My Thanksgiving dinner was a FLOP this year!! LOL!

As an early Christmas present, Mr. Stinkbutt bought me a DSLR camera on Black Friday.  I have not a clue what I am doing!  I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest and googling tip for DSLR newbies.  I set out to take our Christmas picture myself this year.  I think I did okay!  I will post the photo and some out takes!  Hopefully, I will have post to come about how much I am learning about my camera and all the wonderful pictures I am taking!  It also looks like I have some more BzzAgent Campaigns coming up, so if you are interested check back for that!  Oh!  I also got anew Stitch Fix this week.  I did take some crappy pictures of the items I got, and will write a separate post on that!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


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