Strep Throat!

Last year we had the worst cold and flu season in this house (on top of what you are about to read we also had a baby in the hospital, and a sick Meatball, I will likely write a post about that later). On November 4, I went to the hospital to meet my forth stinksbutt via scheduled repeat c-section. A few days later, we were home with the new baby, and Chicken Wing started to feel yucky. A trip to the pediatrician revealed strep throat. Between then and start of this school year, he has had strep throat 8 times. His pediatrician suggested it was time to go to a specialist. We got in to see the Ear Nose and throat doctor a few weeks later, and he confirmed what I was already thinking was going to happen, the tonsils need to come out! I am so nervous, but really trying to let Chicken Wing see that I am because I don’t want to scare him. This is apparently a surgery that at one point was almost a right of passage, but from what I have read is found to not always be necessary any more, however in our case it is the appropriate course of action. We will go next week to have his pre op blood work done. I have tried to be as honest as I can without scaring him. He has been asking me some questions about it. He knows that blood work is going to be a pinch, and is saying he doesn’t want to go. He knows his throat will likely hurt after the surgery, and he knows its to keep him from getting sick, but he doesn’t want to go. I am praying that he doesn’t put up too much of a fight, and that he will have a quick and easy recovery!


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