Hair Color!!!

In high school, I tried all different kinds of at home hair color.  I swept the floors in a salon my senior year, and started getting blond highlights.  I quit coloring my hair sometime before my wedding.  So I hadn’t colored my hair in close to 10 years.  This summer Dad Stinkbutts started mentioning the grays that started creeping up!  So about 4 weeks ago I found myself impulsively purchasing a box of color from the grocery store.   I didn’t hate the color, but I didn’t love it either. 

Then I came across a website, Esalon.  This company has you fill out a survey all about your hair, eye color, complexion.  You can even upload some pictures of your hair. You choose a color, and a stylist mixes a color specifically for you.  It seems like this is pretty simple all over color, so if you want foils and all that good stuff, head to a salon!  You can choose to have them automatically send you color on a schedule, so it shows up at your door when it’s time to cover roots.  I received my first box of color yesterday.

The process was a little different than grocery store color, and took a little getting used to (sorry didn’t take pictures during coloring!).   Here are the results!

First, I make reduculous faces when taking pictures of myself!  And I think I need to clean my bathroom!  Okay, now on to the color!  I really like it!!!  My hair feels so soft, and shiny!  The color itself is pretty close to what I picked out on the computer screen.  Best part is, I don’t have to remember a brand and shadow color.  When I need to color my roots again, I can easily order the same color, or work with the stylists to tweet it.  


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