Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!!!

With 4 kids, there is almost always some one who doesn’t sleep!  That means mom and dad Stinkbutt live on coffee!!!!  We have been long time Keuring lovers, but we go through a TON of those cute little Kcups.  We tried using regular grounds in the little My Kcup situation, but it was kind of a pain.  A few weeks ago at the gym I noticed this infomercial for a coffee maker from Ninja.  I didn’t pay much attention to it because I am pretty much a Keuring/Kcup addict at this point. Last week I woke up to Dad Stinkbutt wanting to show me something on the iPad that he saw on an infomercial in the middle of the night, the Ninja Coffee Bar!  Fast forward the days, and here it’s in my kitchen!

The bean grinder next to is was a separate purchase, I can chat about later.  

It has taken a few days to tweet the amount of grounds per pot, and the grind (we are used to popping is a plastic cup and the coffee coming out the same way every time), but I think I like it!  This pot uses regular grounds (we grind out own), and can brew any where from a full carafe to one cup using a reusable filter and regular beans!  No plastic cups.  It also has options to change the brew strength, and options to brew over ice and for specialty coffees.  We have only tried the regular brews so far, and I think I like it.  I may be drinking a lot more coffee!!!!  My Keuring still had t gone any where!  I still love the darn thing, but I also like have a full pot of coffee waiting in the Ninja every morning too!!!  🙂


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