Long time no post!!!!

I haven’t posted in awhile!  The Stinkbutts have a lot going on!!!!

First, I have joined the gym.  I don’t hate it!  I know not everyone loves Planet Fitness, but this is the perfect place for me right now!  The first day I went, I could only do around 20 minutes on the ARC trainer, at a level 1.  Now, I do 25 minutes on the ARC trainer on level 5 (out of 10), then I do the 30 minute Express Circuit, and then I get on the elliptical for 25 minutes.  I never thought I would or could spend so much time at the gym!  I am now down 25 pounds!  The a absolute best part is I can now run, literally run, around with my kiddos and not get winded!!!!

Speaking of weight loss, I received my first fix from Sticth Fix! To my surprise, EVERY piece fit!!!!!  I need to find the little style cards that came with it, and make a seperate post about it!  I have a second fix headed my way in December, and I can’t wait!!!!

I got my first Ipsy Glam Bag!  I NEVER wear lipstick, but love the one that I received!  I will make a post specifically about the products I received.  I have a second Glam Bag on the way!  I have already seen the sneak peek, and am even more excited for my second one!!!

I have also started my own Etsy shop (BeckysBurlapWreaths).  I haven’t had an order yet, but I am really excited to try something new!  Making the wreaths is so fun!!  I am going to also try my hand at some little girl hair bows, and see how that goes.

Along with all the fun stuff, Little Pig has started preschool, and LOVES it!  Chicken Wing is really doing well in school and enjoying Boy Scouts (we will be selling popcorn this weekend).  His birthday is coming up, and I hope to post about his birthday party.  I have never thrown a kid party before, so it could get interesting!  We also recently found out the Chicken Wing will need to have his tonsils out.  So he will be spending his Thanksgiving break recovering from that.  Oh, and we found out, Mr. Stinkbutts had been hired in our hometown across the state, so in 8 short months, the Stinckbutts will be MOVING!!!!!  Stay tuned!  We have LOTS going on, and lots to share!!!! 



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