Dinner Wars

Dinner has been so frustrating the past couple weeks.  Chicken wing has decided that no matter what I make, he isn’t going to eat it.  It’s “too sour”, or it looks weird, or it’s “too green.”  After I do all the dishes, clean up, and put everything away; he comes downstairs and asks for something to eat.  I found myself telling him he wasn’t allowed to eat an apple because he didn’t eat his dinner.  I don’t typically have picky kids.  Little Pig thinks he is a snake and just doesn’t eat.  I am lucky to get a full meal in him every day.  None of the Stinkbutts will sit still very long either.  This is also making me crazy.  I put dinner on the table, and they all start jumping up and running all over the place.  I wish I could figure out how to get all the kids to sit still and eat their dinner.  Instead we have a circus every night!  Sigh….


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