Plans for this week…

We are one month out from Chicken Wing’s first day back to school.  So this week I am going to start cleaning out closets, and organizing clothing.  I am thinking the best way to do this is to sort everything by size.  I am ordering size separators for the boy’s and girl’s closets this week.  I am also ordering some hanging shelves to use to get clothes ready at the beginning of each week (an idea I saw on Pinterest at some point).  I am going to take some before and after photos, and hopefully they will look beautiful!!!

I have some fun and healthy recipes to try out this week.  I am going to order on of those kitchen gadgets that turns vegetables into pasta, and will hopefully be able to share how that works with you all.  I am hoping it will be a way to stretch a serving of pasta and to sneak some extra veggies into the stinkbutts.

Ginger Snap is going to her first big girl bed.  So far, she has spent more time in my bed then hers.  Hopefully, it will get easier.  Fingers crossed!!!

Before any of that, we have decided to take a mini vacation to the Jersey shore.  First thing tomorrow morning we are headed to the beach!  I am also planning on a quick trip to IKEA since I don’t have one any where near me, and I just love it!!!!

Have a good week everyone!  I will be sharing the Pinterest recipes and organizing ideas I am trying out with you soon!


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