Stubborn boys, messy house, and potty training….

I was going to post our dinner again tonight, but I just plain forgot.  Having four kids sometimes makes your brain just quit working.  I made another recipe, Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken.  If you want to give it a try here is the link:

Dad Stinkbutt is an air traffic controller, so he doesn’t work a typical 9-5 schedule.  That means that often times I am left to hold down the fort alone for a good chunk of the day.  Since its summer, that means all 4 Stinkbutts are here.  I have spent most of today attempting to make our living room presentable, and get the floor vacuumed good enough that I don’t have to worry about meatball putting something in her mouth.   I was just about there, I almost had EVERY toy put away.  There must be an alarm in their room saying “mom cleaned!”  I just barely vacuumed, and here come three tornados of toys swirling around my living room.  In about 2 minutes, you couldn’t even tell I had cleaned.

I tried to put Meat Ball and Ginger Snap down for naps.  Little pig sticks his head downstairs and mumbles something about Meatball napping in his room.  I didn’t think much of it, until I head an adorable little squeal at the top of the stairs.  The boys had some how managed to get her out of bed and turn her loose.  So nap time was a big failure!

So we get to dinner time.  My boys are not typically picky eaters.  Little Pig does average about one meal a day, but will eat just about anything at that meal.  The past several days dinner time has me wanting to pull my hair out!  Those two refuse to come downstairs to eat.  When I do get them to finally come downstairs, they check out their plates, and tell me it’s too hot and needs to cool off.  Then the wander off until I call them back.  Now suddenly Chicken Wing isn’t hungry, has a tummy ache, has a headache, etc… and just can’t possibly eat his dinner.  Little Pig does EVERYTHING Chicken Wing does, so they once again wander off.  Then they wait.  They wait to hear me clean up the dishes and start the dishwasher.  This is followed but a stampede down the stairs, and two little boys suddenly starving and offering to eat just cereal since their dinner is gone.  Tonight they are going to be surprised because they will be seeing their plates that I put in the refrigerator.  If they decide to be stubborn enough to not eat dinner tonight, then they may just see balsamic dinner for breakfast in the morning.  I am so frustrated!

So it was just me and the girls having dinner at the table tonight.  Meatball decides to do her normal, “mom is eating so I must scream my head off” routine.  I distract her with some cherries long enough to start eating, and that’s when Ginger Snap announces “POOP” and whips of her poopy diaper and takes off!   My boys were rather late potty trainers.  Everything clicked right after their 4th birthday’s, and they never looked back.  I am not used to a 2 year old who wants to use the potty.  She shows a lot of signs that she is ready, but just isn’t quite there yet.  She mostly announces she has to poop and takes off all her clothes.  Fortunately, she doesn’t normally have actual poop in them.  Now its about time to start baths, and since we didn’t really nap today, I expect it to be filled with a lot of screaming and “no ducky!!”   At least I have dinner ready and in the crock pot this morning while Dad Stinkbutt was still here.   Trying to cook with 4 kids and two dogs under my feet tonight would not have been pretty!!!  Since it has been a rough day, here are some pictures of them being adorable!IMG_1655 IMG_1654 IMG_2713 IMG_1568IMG_1584IMG_1585


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