They call me “Ducky”

Every mom waits for the day that their little ones call them “mama.” All four of my kids have said “mama” at some point, and know that I am their mom, but that isn’t what they call me. When Chicken Wing was about three, he started trying to call me “Becky” since that is what my husband called me. In his cute little three year old voice, it came out “Ducky.” Dad Stinkbutt and I thought it was so cute, we never corrected home. Three kids later, I am still “Ducky.” People ask me if it bothers me that they don’t call me “mom.” They know I am their mom, they love me no matter what they call me, and in a crowd of kids calling “mom” I know it’s one of mine when I hear “Ducky.” I think “Ducky” just might be even better than “mom” 🙂


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