Who are the Stink Butts?

I thought I might start out introducing the four munchkins that I call “my stink butts.”  I am going to use the nicknames their uncle lovingly picked out for each one of them.

Let’s start with Chicken Wing.  Chicken Wing is my first born, and will be 7 in October.  I am starting the process of planning the Minecraft party he desperately wants.  This year Chicken Wing will be starting first grade.  Starting all day kindergarten was a bit traumatic (mostly for mommy), but I expect first grade to go smoothly since we know what to expect.

My second stink butt is Little Pig.  Little Pig will be 5 in January.  Unlike his nickname, this boy is not a pig!  Every bite of food that goes into this kid is pretty much a fight.  I joke, and say he is more like a snake who eats once a week.  Little Pig will have his first experience with school this fall when he starts preschool.

My third is Ginger Snap.  Ginger Snap just turned 2 in June.  Right now she is in the middle of the terrible two’s.  I have no idea what is going to set off a tantrum, and even tiptoeing around her moods doesn’t guarantee there won’t be a meltdown.  Ginger Snap has recently decided that she would like to use the potty like her big brothers, unfortunately for my carpet, she is not really catching on.

Finally, my fourth stink butt is my little Meat Ball.  She is 8 months old, and starting to crawl and climb all over the place.  She still likes to keep mommy up all night, although lets face it, with four kids I haven’t slept and 8 hour stretch in the last seven years!  Who needs sleep any way!

That is all for now because Ginger Snap is sitting on me putting her feet on the computer!IMG_0317


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