Tonsils, Holidays, and 4 kids, oh my!

I thought I would stop in and post an update.  We have had a busy month!

On the Friday before Thanksgiving, Chicken Wing got his tonsils and half his adenoids removed.  I was a nervous wreck!  It ended up being the super easy!  I expected him to be sleepy the whole day after the surgery, and he wasn’t.  He only used Tylenol for about 2 days after, and then said it didn’t hurt anymore.  I ended up getting permission from his doctor to send him back to school a bit earlier because he was feeling so good.

We hadn’t planned on going anywhere for Thanksgiving because Mr. Stinkbutt was working, and Chicken Wing was recovering.  Since Chicken Wing was feeling so good, we took a quick trip to Delaware to visit my sister-in-law, so glad we did!  Totally made it feel like Thanksgiving!  My Thanksgiving dinner was a FLOP this year!! LOL!

As an early Christmas present, Mr. Stinkbutt bought me a DSLR camera on Black Friday.  I have not a clue what I am doing!  I have spent a lot of time on Pinterest and googling tip for DSLR newbies.  I set out to take our Christmas picture myself this year.  I think I did okay!  I will post the photo and some out takes!  Hopefully, I will have post to come about how much I am learning about my camera and all the wonderful pictures I am taking!  It also looks like I have some more BzzAgent Campaigns coming up, so if you are interested check back for that!  Oh!  I also got anew Stitch Fix this week.  I did take some crappy pictures of the items I got, and will write a separate post on that!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


BRU New Diapers

I am also a member of a  For my first campaign I was given a coupon for a free package of Babies R Us new store brand diapers.  I typically stick with Huggies or Papmers.  I am not really sure why, but I do.  My husband recent started buying Target’s Up & Up brand diapers, and they have been pretty good so I was excited to try another store brand.  Babies R Us run about $7.99 for a jumbo back.  I picked a size 3 for my one year old.  She weighs just under 19 pounds, and the size range on a 3 is 16-28 pounds.  They fit her really well.  I have been using them for about a week, and so far we haven’t had any leaks.  The outside part of the diaper has a slightly papery feel, the Pampers feel a bit more like soft fabric, but the inside of the diaper is still nice and soft, and Meatball seems to like wearing them.  They have a nice stretchy waistband and stretchy legs with gussets that seem to give a really nice fit.  Everything that needs to stay in the diaper has stayed put! Here is a link to my video review if you would like to see it:  Overall, I like these diapers, will probably buy them again.  They have nice price, and cute prints.

Here are a few pictures of my test subject trying out the #BRUNewDiaper.


BzzAgent Welchs Simply Refreshing Juice

I am a member of a website called BzzAgent.  I answer survey questions and get free stuff to try out and review.  My current campaign is for Welchs Simply Refreshing juice.  

I got the Strawberry Raspberry flavor. This juice is pretty good, and not too sweet.  My kids LOVED it!  The only thing I was disappointed to see was that the second ingredient on the label was sugar.  I appreciate that is doesn’t have any extra junk or high fructose corn syrup, and I believe it still likely has less sugar than most of the juice I buy for my kids, so I will likely buy it for them.

  Here’s my BzzKit I got free in the mail! 

Strep Throat!

Last year we had the worst cold and flu season in this house (on top of what you are about to read we also had a baby in the hospital, and a sick Meatball, I will likely write a post about that later). On November 4, I went to the hospital to meet my forth stinksbutt via scheduled repeat c-section. A few days later, we were home with the new baby, and Chicken Wing started to feel yucky. A trip to the pediatrician revealed strep throat. Between then and start of this school year, he has had strep throat 8 times. His pediatrician suggested it was time to go to a specialist. We got in to see the Ear Nose and throat doctor a few weeks later, and he confirmed what I was already thinking was going to happen, the tonsils need to come out! I am so nervous, but really trying to let Chicken Wing see that I am because I don’t want to scare him. This is apparently a surgery that at one point was almost a right of passage, but from what I have read is found to not always be necessary any more, however in our case it is the appropriate course of action. We will go next week to have his pre op blood work done. I have tried to be as honest as I can without scaring him. He has been asking me some questions about it. He knows that blood work is going to be a pinch, and is saying he doesn’t want to go. He knows his throat will likely hurt after the surgery, and he knows its to keep him from getting sick, but he doesn’t want to go. I am praying that he doesn’t put up too much of a fight, and that he will have a quick and easy recovery!


My little stink butts had such a fun time with Halloween this year. The boys both had school parties and parades, and we all went trick or treating. I have never actually been trick or treating. As a kid, the church we went to always had a big fall festival, and we got to dress up for that. There was always tons of candy, and I never knew any different. This going house to house thing was completely foreign and awkward! LOL! My kids caught on pretty quickly are we as polite as 4 kids under the age of 7 can be. Since then we have been having lots of conversations about not sticking lollipops to the carpet, and why we can’t eat candy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc… Anyway, here are some pictures from out Halloween festivities!!


More food!

On Friday I started the prep cooking for another week in a day menu from Racheal Ray’s Cook book. This week started out by roasting two chickens, one with potatoes onions and artichokes that we ate on cook day. 

 The other was flavored with lime juice and garlic to be used in an enchilada casserole. So far we have already had the roast chicken with potatoes and portobello and porcini mushroom pasta. Both were really good, and all the Stinkbutts ate with out a fight! Woo hoo!!! I also prepped the casserole, broccoli rabe and sausage stoup, and a chorizo pilaf. Check back for more pictures and I will let you know how everyone like them! Tonight we are having a freezer to crock pot garden vegetable soup that we have had before and comes out really yummy!